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3.5 inch floppy disk386 Chipsets
386 Motherboards3Com 3C905B-TX3Com 3c509
3Dlabs3dfx3dfx Benchmarks
3dfx Voodoo 5 AGP3dfx Voodoo 5 PCI
5.25 inch floppy disk72-pin SIMMAB-862G Super I∕O Card
ABC 3860ABC A3860ABC A3866
ABC A3875ABC Prestige 386ACC Microelectronics KT-204
AMD 386DX 25AMD 386DX 33AMD 386DX 40
AMD Athlon 1000AMD Athlon 1GHz Slot AAMD Athlon XP 1700+
AMD Athlon XP 2000+AMD Athlon XP 2200+AMD Athlon XP 2600+
AMD CPUsAMD Duron 850AMD Duron 900
AMD K6-2 350AMD K6-2 400AMD Sempron 2200+
ARK LogicATIAbit 386DX FA3
Abit 386 AT3Abit FA3Abit FS340
Abit FU340Abit FU3T
Abit FU3 Version 1Abit FU3 Version 2Accton EN1640
Accton EN1650Accton Technology CorporationAcculogic sIDE-4∕PLUS
AdaptecAdvanced GravisAlliance Semiconductor
Ast I∕O Plus IIAsus XP55T2P4Athlon 750 Benchmarks
Athlon MotherboardsAudioAureal Semiconductor
BEDO RAMBest of the Year BuildsBiostar IOAT-311
CA9312CD audio connectorsCOAST
CPUCPU BenchmarksCPUs
CardSoft PCMCIA DriveCentaur CPUsCirrus Logic
CodecCommander Keen 4Compaq Deskpro EN
Configuring MS-DOS on a Windows 98se MachineCreative LabsCreative Sound Blaster 16 (C16F)
Creative Sound Blaster 16 ASPCreative Sound Blaster 16 MCD (Panasonic)Creative Sound Blaster 16 PnP
Creative Sound Blaster 16 PreludeCreative Sound Blaster 16 ValueCreative Sound Blaster 16 Value rev A
Creative Sound Blaster 16 WavEffectsCreative Sound Blaster 2.0Creative Sound Blaster 32 PnP
Creative Sound Blaster AWE32Creative Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP (IDE)Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold
Creative Sound Blaster Pro 2Creative Vibra 16Cyrix CPUs
DOS memory managementDTCDTC 7287
DVD IllusionDiamond Stealth Video VLBDuke Nukem 3D
EWS64Elitegroup C190Ensoniq
Epson EL2EthernetExample .TTM file for EWS64L/XL/XXL
Example .TTM file for EWS64SFIC 486-GIO-VPFalconFly Central
First International Computer, Inc.FloppyFloppy controller
Floppy driveFuture DomainFuture Domain TMC1600
Games compatible with COVOX Speach ThingGemlight PTI237W
General DOS articlesGeneral Windows articles
General monitor advicesGeneric AT IO cardGoldStar
GoldStar Prime 2C MKIIIGraphics CardsGravis Ultrasound
Hanging note bugHardware guides
Headland HT12Headland TechnologiesHow to create an autobackup batch script
How to disable vertical mouse movement in DOSHow to identify an expansion cardHow to make a Voodoo 2 SLI cable
IBM CPUsIBM Color Graphics AdapterIDE
IDE controllerIHSIO
IRIXInput DevicesIntel
Intel/Real3DIntel 386DX 33Intel 486DX2 66
Intel 8∕16 LAN AdapterIntel Advanced/EV
Intel CPUsIntel Celeron 300AIntel Celeron 766
Intel Pentium 133Intel Pentium 75Intel Pentium 90
Intel Pentium III 733Intel Pentium MMX 200Intel TE430VX
Interesting Vogons ThreadsIomega Z100ATAPIIomega Z100iDE ZIP
Iomega Z750ATAPILS-120 disk
LS-120 driveList of CPU speed sensitive gamesList of Intel-produced motherboards
List of MIPS microprocessors used in SGI machinesList of Socket 370 motherboardsList of Socket A motherboards
List of games by MIDI standard
List of games supporting proprietary APIs
List of games that support AWE synthList of games with 8-bit paletted texture support
List of games with EMBM supportList of programs that require EMSMB PRO
MWD Retro LAN 3MWD Retro LAN 4MWD Retro LAN 5
Maestro 32/96Main PageMath coprocessors
MatroxMatrox MystiqueMatsushita CW-7503
Matsushita MKEMemoryMiro Computer Products
Miro Sound PCM12MitsubishiMitsubishi MF357G
Motherboards & ChipsetsMouseNVIDIA
NuXTNumber NineOPTi
Oak TechnologyOptical drivePCB
PCMCIA controllerPC Chips M-209PC Floppy
Paradise Tasmania 3DPentium 4 Benchmarks
Pentium 4 MotherboardsPine PT-602APowerVR
Recommended BuildsRenditionRetrocomputing resources
Rise CPUsS3S3 Trio64V+
SBCDSCSI controllerSGI
SGI IndySGS Thompson CPUs
ST-506 controllerSerial portShugart 50-pin
Shugart SA800-2SiSSingle Board Computers
Socket 1-3 MotherboardsSocket 4 Motherboards
Socket 5 / 7 / Super-7 MotherboardsSocket 7 BuildsSocket 7 Motherboard Lists
Socket 7 benchmark resultsSocket 8 / Slot 1 / Socket 370 MotherboardsSoftware guides
Soltek SL-75KAVSound Blaster 16 (C16F) IDE
Sound Cards & ModulesSpecific DOS game guidesSpecific Windows game guides
StorageSuper Socket 7 BenchmarksTAD
Teac FD-55ATeac FD-55BRTeac FD-55GFR
Teac FD-55 seriesTerratecTexas Instruments
Texas Micro N286TridentTrident PM-V513
TruFormTseng LabsUMC TK-8663-2J-D02A
USRoboticsUSRobotics Sportster Winmodem 33.6Unreal Tournament
Useful DOS utilitiesUser benchmarksVESA Local Bus
VGA passthrough cableVIA C3 Verified Motherboard ListVIA CPUs
Video outputViglenViglen Ethergen PnP 2000A
Voodoo 3 3500 VGAWD90C30-LRWestern Digital/Philips
Windows 9x BuildsWindows versionsYamaha
Year 2000 System BuildYear 2001 System Build
Zip diskZip drive