Creative Sound Blaster 16 Value

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Creative Sound Blaster 16 Value
Creative Sound Blaster 16 Value.jpg
Bus type ISA
Bus width 16-bit
Bus speed 8 MHz
8-bit ISA compatible?
Manufacturer Creative Labs
Chipset CT1747
Compatible with Sound Blaster
Connectors Mic, Line in, Line out, Speaker out, Gameport
Requires -5VDC? No
Requires -12VDC? Yes
Config method Jumpers, Software
Model CT2770
Full duplex Unknown
Max sample rate Unknown
Channels 2
FM synth OPL3
CD Audio in:SBCD
PC Speaker in:Dupont-2
Aux in:None
Phone (TAD) in/out:None
Line out:None
SPDIF out:None
SB Link:No
Factory memory 0
0 B
CD interface Matsushita MKE
Driver Missing download URL

The Sound Blaster 16 Value is a budget version of the original SB16 updated to use software configuration, with only a few resource settings still set via jumpers. It was the first step towards introducing ISA Plug-n-Play configuration to the Sound Blaster range.

This card later underwent a minor revision to become the Creative Sound Blaster 16 Value rev A. The PCB was redesigned to eliminate the older CD interface connectors which weren't populated on the card shown here.

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