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Matsushita MKE is Panasonic/Matsushita's proprietary CD-ROM interface, found on early Creative Labs sound cards.

It allows the connection of up to four CD drives per bus, with each drive's ID set by jumpers on the drive. It uses 40-pin straight-through cables, so common IDE cables can be used successfully (although typically these only have connectors for up to two drives.)

The interface was designed my Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics (MKE) Industries, for which it was named after.


CDMKE.SYS must be loaded in CONFIG.SYS to provide the low-level CD driver. MSCDEX.EXE is then loaded as normal to provide a drive letter for the CD.

This driver can be found under these names:

  • 56X_DOS.EXE (Vogonsdrivers) - v4.12
  • CR563.ZIP - CR-563-B driver (SBCD.SYS)
  • CR562.ZIP - apparently an older driver for a dedicated interface board, but also for an SBPro/SB16 (CDMKE41.SYS, version 4.01)



These devices provide a Matsushita MKE interface.

DeviceTypeModelBus typeBus width8-bit ISA?CD-5VDC?
Creative Sound Blaster Pro 2AudioCT1600ISA16-bittrueMatsushita MKEfalse
Creative Sound Blaster 16 ASPAudioCT1740ISA16-bitMatsushita MKEfalse
Creative Sound Blaster 16 MCD (Panasonic)AudioCT2230ISA16-bitMatsushita MKEfalse
Creative Sound Blaster 16 ValueAudioCT2770ISA16-bitMatsushita MKEfalse
Creative Sound Blaster 16 Value rev AAudioCT2770AISA16-bitMatsushita MKEfalse