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This boolean property is Yes if a 16-bit ISA card is known to work in an 8-bit ISA slot. It is No if the card is known not to work in an 8-bit slot. If the value is not set, then the card has not yet been tested in an 8-bit slot. If the card is an 8-bit card then this value is automatically set to Yes so it can be omitted. It is likewise automatically set to No for non-ISA buses so it can be omitted there as well.

This is useful for those working with XT and older computers, which only have 8-bit slots. Knowing a particular 16-bit card will work in a machine with only 8-bit slots saves the hassle of trying to find an 8-bit card to use.

If a card does not natively work in an 8-bit slot but can be made to do so with different drivers, then this value should be set to Yes, but an explanation should be given on the device's page.

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3Com 3C905B-TX +false  +
3Com 3c509 +true  +
3dfx Voodoo 5 AGP +false  +
3dfx Voodoo 5 PCI +false  +


ACC Microelectronics KT-204 +true  +
AMD Athlon 1GHz Slot A +false  +
Accton EN1640 +true  +
Ast I∕O Plus II +true  +
Asus XP55T2P4 +false  +


Biostar IOAT-311 +true  +


CardSoft PCMCIA Drive +false  +
Creative Sound Blaster 2.0 +true  +
Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold +false  +
Creative Sound Blaster Pro 2 +true  +


DVD Illusion +false  +
Diamond Stealth Video VLB +false  +


FIC 486-GIO-VP +false  +


Generic AT IO card +true  +


Headland HT12 +true  +


IBM Color Graphics Adapter +true  +
Intel 8∕16 LAN Adapter +true  +
Intel Advanced∕EV +false  +
Intel Celeron 300A +false  +
Intel TE430VX +false  +
Iomega Z100ATAPI +false  +
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