Accton EN1640

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Accton EN1640
Accton EN1640.jpg
Bus type ISA
Bus width 16-bit
Bus speed 8 MHz
8-bit ISA compatible? Yes
Manufacturer Accton Technology Corporation
Chipset EN50903
Compatible with NE1000, NE2000
Connectors AUI, BNC
Requires -5VDC? No
Requires -12VDC? No
Config method Software
Boot ROM Socket, 28-pin JEDEC, read-only
Driver Vogonsdrivers

The Accton EN1640 is a 10Mbps network card.

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Boot ROM

This card's boot ROM socket will take a standard 28-pin ROM chip. It has also been successfully tested with a 32-pin ROM chip using an adapter[1]. XTIDE will run without any problem.

The card's DOS drivers come with a configuration program (DIAG/SETUP.EXE) that can be used to enable the ROM socket (it is disabled by default) and set the base address, as well as adjust all the usual options like base address and IRQ.


  • I/O address: 0, 20, 40, ... 3A0, 3E0, then the same increments starting at 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000, A000, C000, E000.
  • IRQ: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 15, Disabled.
  • Boot ROM size: 16kB, 32kB, 64kB, Disabled.
  • Boot ROM: 8000, 8400, 8800, 8C00, then the same increments starting at 9000, A000, B000, C000, D000, E000 and F000.


  1. Port 388h - Retrofitting a new EEPROM into an old PC