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The bus type is a text field containing only one of the following permitted values:

  • Expansion cards
    • ISA - original ISA bus
    • EISA - IBM's extended ISA bus (VLB cards are often mistakenly called EISA, make sure it really is EISA!)
    • VLB - VESA Local Bus
    • PCI - original PCI (not PCI Express)
    • AGP
    • PCIe - PCI Express
  • Drives
    • IDE - standard IDE drives
    • SCSI - devices connected to the SCSI bus
    • PC Floppy - standard floppy drives with Shugart 34-pin interface
      • Shugart 50-pin - older PC-compatible floppy interface for 8" drives
    • USB - devices that connect to USB
  • CPUs
    • FSB - Intel Front Side Bus

Other buses should be added to this list as needed. If a device is available with more than one bus type, a different page should be created for each version of the device, as technically those cards are slightly different models.

If a card has multiple bus connections (e.g. some POST cards support both PCI and ISA on different edges of the card) then pick the oldest one, and list the others in the article text using code similar to this:

This card also has a [[Bus type::PCI]] connector.