Iomega Z750ATAPI

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Iomega Z750ATAPI
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Bus type IDE
Bus width Unknown
Bus speed Unknown
Manufacturer Iomega
Chipset Unknown
Compatible with ZIP100, ZIP250, ZIP750
Connectors None
Requires -5VDC? No
Requires -12VDC? No
Floppy Drive
Media type Zip disk
Sides 2
Driver N/A

The Iomega Z750ATAPI is an IDE ZIP drive that uses the ATAPI command set, just like CD drives do. This means it requires drivers to be loaded under DOS, however doing so provides better compatibility than native IDE ZIP drives.

As a 750MB drive, along with 750MB Zip disks, it can also read and write 250MB disks, and read 100MB disks. It is currently unknown whether writing 100MB disks is possible.

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