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Tseng was originally a retail / commercial board supplier of IBM compatible graphics cards, but later became an OEM supplier of graphics chips. Ultimately, Tseng Labs VGA controllers were found in PCs from major system and board companies including Compaq, Dell, IBM, NEC, STB Systems, Diamond Multimedia and several major Taiwanese add-in brands. Became very popular in the early to mid 90s with the ET3000 and ET4000 chips. Tseng was very late to integrate a RAMDAC into its product-line, and failed to bring their 3D chipset to market, which ultimately caused the company to seek a buyout.

ET1000 "UltraPak"

MDA,CGA and Hercules compatible. 132-column text modes. For monochrome monitors only.


CGA compatible. Adds proprietary 400 line modes and up to 8 on screen colours.

"EVA" and "EVA/480"

EGA compatible. First card to offer extended 480 line EGA graphics modes. Hardware accelerated windowing, panning, and zooming.


Basic VGA chipset


Usually available with 512kb or 1mb DRAM. Very fast frame buffer. ISA and VLB interface.



Similar to ET4000AX, but with 32-bit windows graphics acceleration.


Similar to ET4000W32, but with support for interleaved DRAM when configured with 2MB. DRAM interleaving provided roughly 85% of the throughput of a true 64-bit interface.

ET4000/w32i VLB


Similar to ET4000W32i, but with support for PCI.


64-bit graphics accelleration with 2.25 or 4.0MB of MDRAM. Integrates RAMDAC into the graphics core.



Improves the integrated RAMDAC to address problems with blurriness at higher resolutions. Uses faster MDRAM.


Was to be Tseng's first 3D capable chipset. Was not believe to be completed before Tseng folded. No known specimens have been spotted in the wild.