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This is a list of all motherboards in the wiki.

DeviceCPUISAPCI30-pin RAM72-pin RAMSDRAMIDE busesFloppy busesSerialParallelGameChipsetCOAST?Form factor
Asus XP55T2P4Socket 734421210Intel 430HX (Triton II)ATX
FIC 486-GIO-VPSocket 3404211210VIA VT82C486ABaby AT
Headland HT12704Headland Technologies HT12Baby AT
Intel Advanced/EVSocket 534421211Intel 430FXBaby AT
Intel TE430VXSocket 734221210Intel 430VX (Triton III)ATX
PC Chips M-209PLCC6870Hedaka D60Baby AT
Soltek SL-75KAVSocket 46215321211VIA KT133AATX
Texas Micro N286104210Chips