DTC 7287

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DTC 7287
DTC 7287.jpg
Bus type ISA
Bus width 16-bit
Bus speed 8 MHz
8-bit ISA compatible?
Manufacturer DTC
Chipset Unknown
Compatible with ST-506, PC Floppy
Connectors None
Requires -5VDC? No
Requires -12VDC? No
Config method Jumpers
ST-506 (RLL/MFM) Controller
ST-506 buses 1
ROM type 28-pin JEDEC
Floppy Controller
Floppy buses 1
Drives per bus 2
Secondary? Yes
ROM type 28-pin JEDEC
Driver N/A

The DTC 7287 is a higher end MFM/RLL controller, offering higher performance than the DTC 5000 series.

The controller has its own ROM which checks the onboard memory during the boot process, and provides a low-level format utility (apparently accessible by jumping to the code using DEBUG.EXE).

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