386 Chipsets

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386 Chipsets

Very early 386 motherboards used mostly discrete logic "TTL" ICs. Early 386 chipsets simply merged many of the TTL chips (DMA, IRQ, timers etc) into several highly integrated ICs. The first generation wasn't considered to be totally reliable so they were often mounted in PLCC sockets so expensive motherboards could be easily serviced. These early chipsets often have their top speeds stamped into the tops, and exceeding these limits can result in permanent damage as early VLSI chips were very sensitive. Later 386 chipsets contained reduced numbers of chips and became more specialized, integrating cache controllers, UMB memory management and sometimes support for DRAM interleaving. The last generation of 386 chipsets appeared in the early 90s and were often used in low end 486 motherboards as well. These are often 1 or 2 chip designs and are sometimes lacking performance or features of previous generation high end 386 chipsets, however they are usually rated for operation at higher speeds (40MHz) and work well with fast memory timings.

ACC Microelectronics

  • ACC2036, Single Chip Solution for the 286 and 386SX
  • ACC2121, Turbo PC/AT Chip Set for the 286 and 386SX
  • ACC2300, 82300 386 AT Chip Set

Acer Labs Inc. (ALi)

  • M1209, 386SX/SLC PC/AT Super-Integration Chip
  • M1217, 386SX/SLC Single Chip
  • M1419, ISA 486/386 Cache System Chipset
  • M1429, 386DX/486 VLB Single Chip


  • 308/308A

Atmel Corporation

  • AT40281, 386SX Core Logic Controller w/Cache
  • AT40283, 386SX Core Logic Controller w/o Cache
  • AT40391, 386DX PC/AT Chip Set


  • 82C3480, ISA 486/386 Cache System Chipset
  • 82C3491, ISA 486/386 Single Chip

Chips & Technologies (C&T or "CHIPS")

  • CS8230, 386/AT CHIPSet
  • CS8231, 386/AT CHIPSet
  • CS8233, PEAK 386/AT CHIPSet
  • CHIPS/280, PS/2 70/80 CHIPset
  • CS82310, PEAK DM/386 AT CHIPSet
  • CS8281, NEATsx (tm) CHIPset
  • 82C236 SCATsx, Single Chip AT VLSI
  • CS8283, LeAPset-sx CHIPset


  • 82C591/82C592 WriteBack
  • 82C596 WriteBack

Efar Microsystems

  • 82EC495 WriteBack
  • 82EC798 WriteBack (Single Chip)

Elite Microelectronics

  • Eagle


  • 82C491/82C493 "Bobcat", 386DX/486 chipset
  • 82C491/82C492 "Cougar", 386DX/486 chipset
  • 82C4901/82C4902 "Bengal", 386DX/486 chipset (WritevBack)
  • 82C390SX "Panda", 386SX Single Chip w/Direct Mapped Cache
  • ET9800/ET391SX "Firefox", 386SX Write Back chipset


  • 36C300/200 [36C300/46C402] WriteThru
  • 36C311 Single Chip 386SX with Cache
  • 46C411/402 WriteThru
  • 46C421A/422 WriteBack
  • 46C521 WriteBack (Single Chip)


  • FTDI 82C3480 WriteBack/WriteThru

Hong Kong Technologies

  • HK3000

Headland Technologies

  • HT12/HT12+ (built in EMS)
  • HT22/HT18C
  • HT320 "Shasta"
  • HT340 "Shasta"


  • MS400 Single Chip


  • MX83C305/306 (with built-in 8Kb cache)

Micro Integration Corporation (MIC)

  • MIC9283, 386SX PC/AT Single Chip w/Posted Write or Write-Thru
  • MIC9382, 386DX PC/AT Chip Set w/Write-Thru Cache
  • MIC9391, 386DX PC/AT Chip Set w/Write-Back Cache

OPTi Inc.

  • 82C281, Cache SX/AT Single-Chip Posted-Write
  • 82C283, Block Interleave SX/AT Single-Chip
  • 82C291, Single-Chip WriteBack
  • 82C295, "SLCWB" PC/AT chipset
  • 82C381/382 "HiD/386 AT chipset" WriteThru (Interleaved DRAM, copy of C&T chipset???)
  • 82C391, WriteBack
  • 82C481/482 "HiB chipset", WriteThru, adds support for 486 CPUs
  • 82C491 "486WB" WriteBack
  • 82C493/392 "486SXWB" WriteBack (3 chip, up to 33MHz)
  • 82C495
  • 82C495SLC/206Q, "DXSLC" Write Back (2 chip, unbuffered VLB)
  • 82C495SX/392SX/206Q, Write Back (3 chip, buffered VLB for improved compatibility but slower performance)
  • 82C495XLC/206Q, Write Back (2 chip)
  • 82C496, "DXBB" [A,B]/497/206 (2 or 3 chip, 497 is optional cache controller)
  • 82C498/206Q
  • 82C499 (Single chip solution. Integrated 82C206 system controller)
  • 82C682, 386/486WB EISA chipset
  • 82C683, 386/486AWB EISA chipset

Sarc (PCChips)

  • RC2016A

Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS)

  • 85C310/320/330 "Rabbit", Interleaved DRAM
  • 85C360, ISA 386DX Single Chip
  • 85C411/406, EISA 386/486 Chipset
  • 85C460, ISA 386DX/486 Single Chip
  • 85C461, ISA 386DX/486 Single Chip


  • ST62C241, Chipset for 386DX
  • ST62C251, Chipset for 286 and 386SX

Symphony Labs

  • SL82C360 "Haydn", 386DX/SX chipset
  • SL82C470 "Mozart", 486/386 EISA chipset

Texas Instruments

  • TACT83000 "Tiger"


  • UM82C210, 386SX/286 AT Chip Set
  • UM82C330 "Twinstar"
  • UM82C390, 40Mhz 80386 Chip Set
  • UM82C48x, WriteBack
  • UM82C491, Single-Chip


  • VT82C470 "Jupiter", Chip Set (w/o cache)
  • VT82C475 "Jupiter", Chip Set (w/cache)


  • VL82C310 "SCAMP", 286/386sx Chip Set
  • VL82C311 "SCAMP", 286/386sx Chip Set
  • VL82C315 "SCAMP II", PC/AT-Compatible System Controller
  • VL82C320 "TOPCAT", 286/386sx Chip Set
  • VL82C330 "TOPCAT", 386 DX Chip Set