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This is a list of all simple IO cards in the wiki. This list also includes composite devices, such as Super IO cards that include simple IO support along with IDE controllers.

DeviceBus typeBus widthBus speed8-bit ISA?SerialUARTParallelBi-dirGame-5VDC?
AB-862G Super I∕O CardISA16-bit8 MHz211false
Acculogic sIDE-4∕PLUSISA16-bit8 MHz210false
Ast I∕O Plus IIISA8-bit4.77 MHztrue282501false1false
Asus XP55T2P4PCI32-bit33 MHzfalse21true0
Biostar IOAT-311ISA8-bit4.77 MHztrue282501false0false
CA9312ISA16-bit8 MHz211false
Elitegroup C190ISA16-bit8 MHz211false
FIC 486-GIO-VPVLB32-bit50 MHzfalse21true0
Gemlight PTI237WISA16-bit8 MHz211false
Generic AT IO cardISA8-bit8 MHztrue282501false1false
GoldStar Prime 2C MKIIIISA16-bit8 MHz211false
Intel Advanced/EVPCI32-bit33 MHzfalse211
Intel TE430VXPCI32-bit33 MHzfalse210
Pine PT-602AISA8-bit8 MHztrue2825011false
Soltek SL-75KAVPCI32-bit33 MHzfalse21true1
Texas Micro N286ISA16-bit10 MHztrue210
UMC TK-8663-2J-D02AISA16-bit8 MHz211false