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This wikipage is basically an attempt at condensing the threads on Vogons into a single list to make it easier to find threads containing interesting bits of information. Everything is roughly listed into separate categories and this list can be seen as a continuous WIP

Some of these threads are several years old though, so please consider not kicking an old thread and instead create a new thread, optionally with a link to the old thread.

Very Old Games On New Systems (mostly emulation)

DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

The Wrapper Collection Project

What are the best console emulators out there?

Fastest emulators period

PCEm. Another PC emulator.

DgVoodoo 1 Discussion Thread

dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

N64 emulation - does anyone else share my dissatisfaction?

SoftMPU 1.9 - Software Intelligent MPU-401 Emulator

Technically & artistically impressive games

How to tweak CGA / EGA game palettes easily :)

Emulating EAX on any onboard sound hardware?

Is this the possibility of a Power VR SGL Wrapper?

DOSBox debugger

DOSBox Feature Request Thread

Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

DOSBox on Windows NT 3.51 (Yes it's done for real)

Lemmings video issue after hitting F1 to go into next level (We all like lemmings :))

Miscellaneous threads

Spam, spam, spam (Report spammers here!)

VOGONS is no marketplace! (locked thread)

DOS and Windows

What are your minimum Windows system requirements? (talk about Windows versions and the hardware people put these on)

10 Reasons for a Pentium 4 Windows 98 DOS Retro Gaming PC (talk about using a Pentium 4 for DOS)

Any good Windows 3.1 games?

Best version of Windows 95?

Useful Programs, Patches, and Drivers For Windows 95, 98, 2000, Etc.

Patch for Windows 98/98 SE/Me to run on newest CPUs

Your favorite retro apps? (apps? programs!)

Any interest in a MS Windows Security Update CD?

List of Web Browsers For All Operating Systems

XP-era games that have trouble running on Win7/8

Windows 98 games that won't run in Windows XP

Windows 95 setup guide (late 2013)

Generic Win98SE Installation & Setup Guide

Tetrium's guide to Windows ME (tips and tricks that make ME run well)

Windows Me - "Misunderstood Edition" (collection of the benefits of Windows ME)

What is the memory "sweet spot" for a Pentium III Windows 98 SE retro-gaming system?

>512MB with Windows 98...

Win 9x/ME and ram

Any known issues running Windows XP 32 bit with 8 GB RAM installed?

How to Successfully use Windows 98 on PCI-Express Systems

Was there ever a non-upgrade non-OEM Win95 retail CD?

Windows NT 4.0 on Pentium 133

Win98SE or WinXP for Tualatin 1.4S+i815?

Windows ME

Is Windows 2000 good for anything?

windows xp box

Which XP? (talk about using different versions of XP for retro gaming, includes tweaking like NLite and the use of Service Packs on old rigs)

Windows Server? (Windows 2003)

Vintage Hardware Wallpapers

Vintage OEM Desktop Wallpapers - Let's make a repository!

Retro Hardware Themed Desktop Wallpapers! (contains custom-made desktop wallpapers)

Why do some games demand a 256 colors or 16-bit desktop color depth?

List of video card tech demos


Too many Retro PCs? Let's build a 4 in 1 Retro Gaming PC! 386, 486, Pentium...

List of motherboards with SB-link (PC/PCI) header

DS12887 drop-in replacement (talk about a Dallas replacement)

DIY Bios Modding guide Jan Steunebrink k6-2+/3+ 128gb

Test:486 undocumented jumper settings

286 motherboard

Best 386 Motherboard?

LuckyStar LS486E rev.C2 and Cyrix 5x86@133 (mostly talk about obtaining 66MHz FSB on 486 motherboards)

Best ISA Video Card for a 386DX-40? (also contains good generic info on 486 busses)

Soft on-off switch for AT motherboards

ATX I/O shield models for 3D printing (Includes some generic info about mounting an AT board into an ATX case)

Best Socket 7 AT motherboard

Best Super Socket 7 Motherboard?

K6-2/3+ Success on Asus P5A 1.06 - simple mod

Asus P5A very slow AGP / Video cards (which is actually talk about the buggy P5A and the + chips)

Tillamook 266MHz and working L2 cache?

slot or socket

Which Slot 1 CPU retention bracket?

Best Slot 1 Motherboard?

Dual PIII-S Tualatin 1.4 GHz Success Stories

Good Pentium 3 Board with ISA and Tualatin Support? (this thread ended up resulting in the creation of this page)

Best Socket A (462) Motherboard?

Socket A Motherboards That Have 12V-Centric VRMs?

Socket 478 Motherboards with PCI-E Slots (contains a list of these boards)

LGA 775 Motherboards with AGP Slots (contains a list of these boards)

Why 478 and not 775? (quite extensive info of many of their differences)

Core2 / AMD Phenom board legacy support (floppy, serial, parallel, etc.)

8GB of DDR1 in a socket 939 system


The Ultimate 486 Benchmark Comparison (very extensive. Includes lots of in-depth talk about 486 hardware and maxing performance)

The Ultimate 686 Benchmark Comparison (very extensive)

SetMul - Multiplier control for VIA C3 / AMD K6 Mobile / Cyrix 5x86 (also seems to work on classic Pentiums)

Modifying the POD83's voltage regulator for overclocking (Interesting due to the info on Intel's Overdrives).

pentium mmx vs pentium

Idt Winchip 1, 2, 2a and 2b differences

Cyrix appreciation thread (lots of info and pics about Cyrix and early VIA chips)

P55c at Overclocked to 300mhz? (P55C a.k.a. Pentium 1 MMX)

Tillamook (The PPGA Mobile Pentium 1 MMX CPU at 266MHz and its problems)

Definition of "Super Socket 7"

SUCCESSFUL K6-2+ to K6-3+ Full Cache Enable Mod (extensive info about modding K6-2+ to a K6-III+)

Which Pentium IIs can be underclocked? (contains extensive info about Deschutes which were not fully locked)

Slowing a 440BX based PC (some more talk about Pentium 2 Deschutes which were not fully multiplier locked)

Graphics card for VIA C3 1200 build

Cyrix III (i.e. VIA C3) for vintage gaming?

S370 Board for Nehemiah Core ?

What is your biggest Pentium 4 Collection?

Pentium 4 Cedar Mill 3.4 GHz - more than just hot air

What's your favorite thermal compound?

Rare CPUs (includes many pics).

CPU cooling (HSFs)

These all in theory fit the same socket

Intel heatsink pushpins are ANNOYING! (mostly LGA775 etc)

Super Socket 7 cooling

Power Supply Units (or PSUs)

A tale of two PSUs (lots of in-dept talk about the build quality of specific PSUs)

Advice on new parts for old system.

PSU - bust the myth (more in-dept talk about PSUs including some good links)

PC cases

Best off the shelf spray paint for beige computer cases (What colors matches the old beige best, in case retrobright isn't deemed wanted)

Graphics cards

Graphic cards and CPUs history trees, wanna help? (project by vogons member vlask, very detailed chart!)

3D Accelerated Games List (Proprietary APIs - No 3DFX/Direct3D)

Image Quality of various old video cards (Quake 3 comparison)

3dfx Archives - The Collection & Discussions Thread

Voodoo 2 DOS Glide compatibility matrix

Voodoo3 models overview

Has anyone tried mating V3 TV with DVI? (Voodoo 3 3500 (a.k.a. Voodoo 3 TV) display connector) and Voodoo3 3500TV, connect to monitor? (P&D/PnD connector instead of the original octopus cable)

3dfx filter shader!

Voodoo 2 Sli problem. (Older Voodoo models seem to have 'GPU' pins that bend relatively easily, causing odd problems to occur)

Surviving the late 90's without 3Dfx

ATI Rage 128 Pro vs Ultra? (some info regarding this overall seemingly quite confusing era of Ati graphics cards)

PowerVR Fun Thread (Very lengty thread about PowerVR, lots of info)

Matrox M3D / PCX2 opinions

Matrox Roundup G200, G400, G400 MAX, G450 and G550

Teach me to love ATI Rage (includes some info about the many differences of the Rage graphics chips)

S3 Trio3D/2x - is this just a rebadged ViRGE or more?

S3 Savage 2000

VGA PCI S3 Number 9 Virge 325 card, basic info. (talk about Number9 graphics cards)

S3 AGP Cards (and possibly others) Too Bright (A way to make certain S3 cards display a darker black)

Looking/searching for s3d (S3 Virge specific) games (interesting talk about S3 mostly)

AGP Speed

Graphics cards signal comparison, image quality

Replacing the GPU cooler on a GeForce 256 - how does this thing come off? (Loosening up those very sticky heatsinks)

GF2-GTS what drivers should I test?

Geforce3 Ti 500 vs Geforce 6200 (lots of talk about FX5900 as well)

TUTORIAL - Modifying Nvidia Drivers (Adding Cards)

suggestions for my 386dx40... EGA / RGB vs VGA

ISA 16-bit graphics card comparative performance and ranking (Good info if you only have ISA slots, short thread)

Best graphics card for dos gaming

Modern graphics on a 486

Any good 3D pci graphic's card out there?

Ideal graphics card for Socket 7 setup (lots of talk about i740)

Best WinXP Video Card

Fastest WinXP Graphics Card?

Nvidia cards - the Wiki isn't clear on this... (interesting short thread about graphics memory and 64-bit/128-bit)

3dfx Oral History Panel [ 2013 ]

Collectible video cards

Most rare and most common 3DFX cards in excistance? (also some talk about non-3DFX cards)

Are GeForce 256 DDR cards that rare? (mostly discussion, lengthy thread)

Question about Geforce FX 5900 current draw per rail (relatively shorter thread containing a link to some more threads)

Riva TNT vs MX400 (also contains info on how to recognize memory bandwidth from a graphics card when inspecting the card visually)

Sound and sound cards

Sound cards - from best to worst (running for over 10 years, very extensive talk about old sound cards)

Soundfont recommendation thread

The New Creative Labs Sound Blaster Drivers Collection. (Updated 6th Jan. 2014)

Aztech Sound Galaxy cards

ISA Sound Cards with Internal Wavetable

Yamaha S-YXG100plus SoftSynth for Win9x 4MB waveset working!!

SB16 vs DBs (hanging / stuck / wrong notes in MIDI)

Sound Blaster 16 Bugs and Deficiencies Summary

Newly made Gravis Ultrasound compatible cards ... what's the degree of interest?

ISA or PCI sound card?

PCI sound whats out there?

A3D Vortex 1 any good?

Aureal Vortex2 Project

PCMCIA Sound Cards

Music Quest MPU clone cards, anyone interested in them?

AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

Advise on PCI Sound Card? (includes some info about SB-Link)

PCI Sound card for Windows 3.11 & Dos 6.22?

Have you opened your SC-55 to check the battery inside?

Media (HDD, Optical, Magnetic, etc)

IBM PS/2 floppy disk drive restore / repair (also covers pc floppy drives)

the end of optical media

Single floppy mainboard workaround

Any software out there who can mount formatted .img files?

Jewel cases for 3.5" Floppies? This is weird.

IDE or SATA hard drivers on retro computers?

Other hardware

What are the best retro ISA and PCI slot network cards?

Good high resolution computer crt monitor?

what are your favourite ps/2 mice?

Mouse Polling Rate in Windows 98SE

Post pictures of all your (strange) memory modules here for all to see :)

PS/2 to Microsoft Serialmouse Adapter Converter

Any Inexpensive USB Flightstick Recommendations?

Widescreen monitors and 4:3 aspect ratio compatibility thread

Games!! What is Vogons without talk about games? :D

List the PC games that you have beaten

List of Free Games

PC Game Compatibility List

Game Acronyms List (TA is missing :( )

DosBox FAQ

Scariest Level Ever?

I need a list of good PC multiplayer games that do not require the internets

Any Unreal Tournament gamers here?

Cinematic Platformers (Prince of Persia, Another World style games) list

Most memorable games you've played

Most disappointing games?

Preserving Old Discs


DOSBox 0.74 CPU Benchmark

Phil's Ultimate VGA Benchmark Database Project

HUGE 1997*-2003 video card performance benchmark thread (Q3, Unreal, DK2, 3DM2k, 3DM2001)

The All-amazing super-de-douper SuperPi thread!

Post your retro computer superpi results here! (older SuperPi thread)

My 3DMark01 Mega Thread

My 3DMark03 Mega Thread

Doom 3 timedemo shootout with period correct hardware.

3DBENCH CPU Benchmark Database

Running 3dMark 2000 on modern hardware

Great PC! But can it run Crysis?

Post your 386 Speedsys results here

Let's benchmark our systems with caches disabled

7-zip benchmarks for over 60 CPUs

DOSBox 0.74 CPU Benchmark

Video for CPUs - The Software Decode Reference Thread (listed here for lack of a better category)

Retro systems, their collectors and their stuff

VOGONS Driver Library

VOGONS Wiki reference

What retro activity did you get up to today?

What game are you playing now?

post up pics of your "computing area"

Retro Rig Photo Thread

Post pics of your CRT monitors

"The international hardware museum of Vogons"

Kind of missing the point of building machines.

Playing ON vs WITH retro hardware (and hardware preservation)

Do you remember how/when you began your Collection ?

Who else here hoards "insane" amounts of hardware?

Retro Hardware Collections

NIB still sealed collections

To unbox or not unbox (old HW)

How do you store your computer parts?

How do you organise / sort / store all your retro gear?

How do we store our (hardware) collection?

Storing your pc parts.

Be careful how you store your stuff! (storing your parts in such a way water can't easily damage it)

This is a bad idea right? (How to clean dirty computer components)

How many computers do you own?

How many computers could you possibly build?

Is there any reason to keep a Win9X machine around for gaming except for fun or nostalgia?

Minor (or major) injuries from gaming or building/using computer...?

Great collectors of Vogons! What's missing in your collections? :P

Duplicate Hardware in Your Collection

Things you regret giving or throwing away?

What do you NOT have enough of?

How brand crazy are you guys?

Pronunciation of Riva (how does one pronounce this?)

What was your worst screw-up with retro tech?

VGA Capture Thread ("Let's start a thread so we can share tips and tricks for capturing VGA output from our Retro machines!")

Good reading for people new to retro computing

Spelling and grammar pet peeves around here

Disporpotions between different countries when it comes to old hardware

Reasons to punch eBay sellers in the face

Question: Why do you think retro computing is important?

Old computers for daily tasks?

Lowest system you tried for everyday main PC

Trustworthy buyer?

Vintage hardware lovers - do you really love vintage hardware or simply pragmatism?

How many of you guys still use CRT monitors on all your retro computers (and maybe your modern ones too)

You Know You're a Hopeless Retro Geek When...

What do you drive? (about cars, mostly)

Let's get to know eachother a little better :)

So what do you guys do... you know, in real life?

Tell your story. What made you sign up to Vogons?

What machines did you use in High School?

List the CPUs you owned when they were new

POLL: What is your favorite x86 vintage processor?

First computers you've used

What's the hardest part of building a retro rig for yourself?

Story behind your avatar?

Bought these (retro) hardware today

Bought these games today

Bought these (retro) software/OS today

I recently found this hardware, AKA the Dumpster find thread.

Whats the most you've paid for retro tech you had to have?

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