Trident PM-V513

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Trident PM-V513
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Bus type VLB
Bus width 32-bit
Bus speed 50 MHz
Manufacturer Trident
Chipset Trident TGUI9440AGi
Compatible with VGA
Connectors VGA
Requires -5VDC? No
Requires -12VDC? No
Config method None
Video Output
Max memory 2 MB
2,097,152 B
Max resolution Unknown
ROM type 28-pin JEDEC
Driver N/A

The Trident PM-V513 is a VESA Local Bus VGA card based around the TGUI9440 chip, released in mid-1993. It has 1 MB of video memory on board, and four sockets to add an additional 1 MB of memory.

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J1: VESA bus speed

J1 Result
1-2 >40MHz operation (slow memory refresh)
2-3 <=40MHz operation (fast memory refresh)

If this jumper is set incorrectly, the video memory will be refreshed at the wrong speed leading to graphical corruption. The jumper should be set to approximate the bus speed of the motherboard. If the card is set to slow refresh (1-2) and the display is corrupted, changing the jumper to fast refresh should clear the problem. If it does not, the video memory chips are probably damaged.

Presumably, having this set to a fast refresh when the bus speed is high will either result in corrupted display or a slow down due to the large amount of time wasted refreshing the memory.

This card has been tested at 40MHz, and at this speed if J1 is set to slow (1-2) then there is some very minor graphical corruption.

JX7: Unknown

The purpose of this jumper is not known. By default it seems to be closed.

J7: Unknown

The purpose of this jumper is not known. By default it seems to be closed. Other boards use J7 to enable/disable interlaced mode.

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