USRobotics Sportster Winmodem 33.6

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USRobotics Sportster Winmodem 33.6
USRobotics Sportster Winmodem 33.6.jpg
Bus type ISA
Bus width 8-bit
Bus speed 8 MHz
Manufacturer USRobotics
Chipset Unknown
Compatible with Hayes AT, X2, V.90
Connectors Line out, Line in, Phone
Requires -5VDC? No
Requires -12VDC? Yes
Config method
Lines 1
Phone out No
TAD in/out None
Speed 56000
Voice Yes
Fax Yes
Driver USRobotics web site

The USRobotics Sportster Winmodem 33.6 is an internal soft-modem. Originally a 33.6 modem, as the modulation is powered via software, it can be upgraded to V.90 (56k).

The USRobotics web site claims this device only works under Windows 3.11 and 95, and maybe 98/ME.

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The device does not have any clear markings, and has only a barcode with (in the device photo) "21TS67123339 04168001 R:2". The key here is the model code "04168001" - 04 is the country code for Asia/Australia, and 1680 is the product number. 01 refers to device variant "A".

The ACN (Australian Company Number) shown on the rear sticker (006 524 652) belongs to 3Com, who merged with USRobotics in 1997.

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