Commander Keen 4

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While a revolutionary smooth scrolling shareware platformer game on its own, it's often used to test video cards as most modern hardware has 'stutter' problems with it even with compatibility modes. The game uses a technique developed by John Carmack that allows smooth scrolling in EGA mode. Commander Keen history That was a unique arcade style feature at this time in comparison to other Apogee platformers like Cosmos Cosmic Adventures. The smooth scrolling requires that the graphics card is able to do hardware scrolling. While most ISA cards still implement the standard some later local bus cards did not had hardware scrolling support anymore. On such cards the game will stutter.

This article will list the video hardware that has issues with Keen 4.

All Matrox graphics cards.

Tseng ET6000

On some Voodoo3 cards the screen has a strong red tint.

NOTE: The engine used by the game is also used by Bio Menace, and may exhibit the same issues.