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Table fog effect summary

Fog is a special effect that is used to blend a scene into a predefined color to give the impression that "fog" is present in the scene. Fog is usually implemented as it appears in the physical world. The farther objects are, the more they are obscured by fog. Objects that are close to the observer are clearer.

Table fog, also called pixel fog, is calculated independent of vertices. Ideally, fog is calculated on a pixel basis, but many device drivers emulate this feature in software with vertex fog values. It is called table fog because traditionally tables have been used to look up fog values. The RIVA 128, RIVA128ZX and the RIVA TNT all emulate table fog using vertex based fog. The GeForce 256 supports table fog in hardware.[1][2]

Graphics cards which support table fog
Graphics cards which don't support table tog

Note: under Windows 98, partial table fog support on ATI Radeon cards can be enabled via registry tweaks. Under WindowsXP, full table fog support becomes available when Catalyst drivers version 7.11 or newer are used (screenshots).

Games which use table fog

Note: this list is incomplete. It merely shows the currently known games for which table fog use has been confirmed by testing. These games show visual differences on graphics cards that don't support table fog.

Table fog support comparison (Thief II: The Metal Age)
Proper table fog support on a 3DFX Voodoo 3 2000
Missing table fog support on an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro

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