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Type of internal (PCB) connector (if any) used to receive audio from a modem, and to send microphone input to the modem. Allowed values:

See CD audio connectors for a more detailed description of each type.

  • [[Has TAD connector::None]] - This connector is unavailable on this device
  • [[Has TAD connector::Dupont-2]] - 2-pin 2.54mm/Dupont, looks like a normal 2-pin jumper
  • [[Has TAD connector::Dupont-4]] - 4-pin 2.54mm/Dupont without latch housing, LGGR pinout
  • [[Has TAD connector::MPC]] - 4-pin 2.54mm/Dupont with latched housing, LGGR pinout
  • [[Has TAD connector::SBCD]] - SoundBlaster CD audio connector, small white 4-pin, OLGR pinout
  • [[Has TAD connector::SBCD/LOGR]] - same SoundBlaster CD audio connector, but pinout changed to be LOGR (seems a mistake introduced on the AWE64 series)
  • [[Has TAD connector::Hitachi CD audio]]
  • [[Has TAD connector::Mitsumi CD audio]]
  • [[Has TAD connector::NEC CD audio]] - 3-pin, R-G-L, different connector to wake-on-LAN
  • [[Has TAD connector::Sony CD audio]] - looks a bit like a floppy power connector, but with different key positions
  • [[Has TAD connector::Texel CD audio]]
  • [[Has TAD connector::Toshiba CD audio]] - same connector as wake-on-LAN

More connector types can be added to the template page as needed.