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Welcome to VOGONS Wiki, a reference site covering vintage computer hardware used for playing games that don't run correctly on modern computers.

Current goals:

  • Write about the details, advantages, disadvantages and quirks of useful old gaming hardware.
  • Write guides to help get old games running their best.
  • Populate the Device Library with as many devices as possible!

Getting Started

Note: Accounts require approval. Email michael @ dalegroup . net after you've submitted your request and he will approve as soon as possible.

Gaming Build Guides

Hardware Info

The Device Library is a new project designed to record as much information about vintage PC hardware as possible. This includes high resolution photos, jumper settings, drivers and utilities, as well as tips for using each device to its fullest.

It uses Semantic Mediawiki to allow pages to be accessed like a database, so that queries can be run to find devices with certain characteristics, or to quickly compare a list of devices by displaying the desired characteristics in table form (for example, the list of sound cards shows which cards use the original Yamaha OPL FM synthesis method, and which cards use another almost-compatible alternative instead.)

Contributions are encouraged, especially the addition of devices not already present. The more devices are added, the better this resource will become!

There is already a good deal of useful hardware information on this wiki in non-database form, and this will (hopefully) be progressively moved over to the Device Library:

Game Setup Guides

User benchmarks

Retrocomputing resources

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