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The IDE controller interface is used to connect hard drives, CD drives and other storage devices. It supersedes the ST-506 controller, and indeed reuses the same I/O address ranges.


This is a list of all IDE controller cards in the wiki. This list also includes composite devices, such as those cards that include a floppy controller or parallel port.

DeviceBus typeBus widthBus speed8-bit ISA?IDE busesIDE2IDE3IDE4Floppy buses2nd floppy?-5VDC?
AB-862G Super I∕O CardISA16-bit8 MHz1falsefalsefalse1falsefalse
Acculogic sIDE-4∕PLUSISA16-bit8 MHz1truefalsefalse1truefalse
Asus XP55T2P4PCI32-bit33 MHzfalse2truefalsefalse1false
CA9312ISA16-bit8 MHz1falsefalsefalse1falsefalse
Creative Sound Blaster 16 PnPISA16-bit8 MHz1false
Creative Sound Blaster 32 PnPISA16-bit8 MHz1truetruetruefalse
Creative Sound Blaster AWE32ISA16-bit8 MHz1false
Creative Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP (IDE)ISA16-bit8 MHz1false
Elitegroup C190ISA16-bit8 MHz1falsefalsefalse1falsefalse
FIC 486-GIO-VPVLB32-bit50 MHzfalse1falsefalsefalse1false
Gemlight PTI237WISA16-bit8 MHz2truefalsefalse1truefalse
GoldStar Prime 2C MKIIIISA16-bit8 MHz1truefalsefalse1truefalse
Intel Advanced/EVPCI32-bit33 MHzfalse2truefalsefalse1false
Intel TE430VXPCI32-bit33 MHzfalse2truefalsefalse1false
Soltek SL-75KAVPCI32-bit33 MHzfalse2truefalsefalse1false
UMC TK-8663-2J-D02AISA16-bit8 MHz2truefalsefalse1falsefalse