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A SCSI controller is used to connect SCSI devices to a PC. Aside from a few completely incompatible versions (e.g. HVD[1]), SCSI is typically backwards compatible right back to the earliest devices. Depending on the standard implemented by a device, it may be interoperable with faster devices on the same bus, or all devices may slow to match the slowest device. If all devices are LVD (80MB/sec or faster) then they will all run at their individual maximum speeds, up to but not exceeding the maximum speed of the controller. However the addition of a single SE device (40MB/sec or less) will cause all devices to drop back to SE speed[2].


This is a list of all SCSI controller cards in the wiki. This list also includes composite devices, which are cards that perform other functions as well, such as a sound card with a built-in SCSI controller.

DeviceBus typeBus widthBus speed8-bit ISA?SCSI-1?SCSI-2?SCSI-2/W?SCSI-3?U80?U160?U320?-5VDC?
Future Domain TMC1600ISA16-bit8 MHzfalse