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The PCMCIA controller is a "host bus adapter" that is used to allow PCMCIA devices to be connected to the system bus (ISA, PCI, etc.) While typically only found in laptops, adapters are also available that allow PCMCIA devices to be used in desktop PCs, and these are listed here.


This is a list of all PCMCIA controller cards in the wiki. 2nd/3rd/4th represent whether the card can be configured as an additional card if more than one PCMCIA adapter is installed in a system. Type I/II/III represent the PCMCIA cards that can be used in the adapter.

DeviceBus typeBus widthBus speed8-bit ISA?PCMCIA slots2nd3rd4thType IType IIType III
CardSoft PCMCIA DriveISA16-bit8 MHzfalse2truetruetruetruetruetrue