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This is a list of all floppy drives in the wiki.

DeviceBus typeBus widthBus speedMediaSidesDensity
Iomega Z100ATAPIIDE16-bit8,330 kHz
8.33 MHz
Zip disk2
Iomega Z100iDE ZIPIDE16-bit8,330 kHz
8.33 MHz
Zip disk2
Iomega Z750ATAPIIDEZip disk2
Mitsubishi MF357GIDE16-bit8,330 kHz
8.33 MHz
3.5 inch floppy disk
LS-120 disk
Shugart SA800-2Shugart 50-pin1-bit8 inch floppy disk1Single
Teac FD-55APC Floppy1-bit250 kHz
0.25 MHz
5.25 inch floppy disk1Double
Teac FD-55BRPC Floppy1-bit250 kHz
0.25 MHz
5.25 inch floppy disk2Double
Teac FD-55GFRPC Floppy1-bit500 kHz
0.5 MHz
5.25 inch floppy disk2High