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I think there are some wrong facts: AMD did not reinstated the PR rating with the Palomino. While with the K5 it was a real Pentium Rating with the Athlon XP it was a Performance Rating that compared to the previous Athlon generation, which is the Thunderbird.

The fact that the on die L2 cache of the K6-3... bypasses L2 cacheable area limitations of the mainboard should be added. And that previous mainboard L2 acts now as L3.

If you compare performance it should also be noted that the K6 series performs much better on unoptimized code than a Duron or Pentium II/III due to it's short pipeline and lower latencies. This is important especially regarding older software.

I'd like to see some arguments for the recommendations added in the Today: section.

There are nearly no facts about Slot-A athlons?!?

Reply: Hello, I'm the one who wrote the part about Athlon (I didn't write the K6 parts). About the PR rating, I did a search on google (just to make sure) and came upon a wiki page (it was the 1st hit) that said this:"The letters PR stood for "Performance Rating", but many people mistakenly thought it stood for "Pentium Rating", as the PR was often used to measure performance against Intel's Pentium processor". So I'm going to leave it in for now.

I didn't write it was compared to Intel's Pentium 4 processor, I only mentioned it was reinstated when Intel released Pentium 4.

I agree with the K6-III and the cacheable area limit, but I wasn't the one who wrote it and I was unable to edit said sections due to some technical difficulties.

About the performance between K6 and Duron/P6 due to it's shorter pipeline, how does that affect older software? Do you have a link to a source of information so that I may inform myself?

And I already wrote some arguments in the Today: section. The older CPU's produce as much heat as the newer ones while performing worse. Could you be more clear as to what you had in mind?

And the reason I wrote so little about Slot A is because I know so little about Slot A, but what I wrote was better then nothing.

Anyway, thank you for your interest. Tetrium (talk) 10:10, 22 February 2013 (EST)

Duron 600 vs. K6-2+ 600 It's in german, so you may need google translate or similar