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The method used to record devices on this wiki means they can be used for running queries. Here are some examples of different types of queries you might wish to run.

Looking for a device to obtain

For simple queries, you can look at the device pages and sort by column headings. For example to see all sound cards that have genuine OPL FM synthesis (as opposed to one of the clones), you can look at Audio and sort by the "FM synth" column. All the "OPL" cards will be grouped together in the middle.

For more complex questions, you can build a query. Here are some examples you can edit to alter or extend:

Looking for a device you own with a certain capability

If you have a large number of devices, it can be time consuming to look up each model to find out whether it is capable of performing a certain task. However if you add each device you own to a list on your userpage, then you can run queries against the wiki that only show devices you already own.

Here are some examples you can use to base your own queries from:

This of course requires that you have listed all the devices you own on your userpage. You can list them in any form, as long as the "Owns device" syntax is used. See the wiki code on User:Malvineous for examples.