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This is a list of all video cards in the wiki.

DeviceBus typeBus widthBus speed8-bit ISA?ChipsetMax RAM-5VDC?
3dfx Voodoo 5 AGPAGP32-bit66 MHzfalseVSA100false
3dfx Voodoo 5 PCIPCI32-bit33 MHzfalseVSA100false
DVD IllusionPCI32-bit33 MHzfalseEM8300false
Diamond Stealth Video VLBVLB32-bit50 MHzfalseS3 Vision 868 (86C868-P)false
IBM Color Graphics AdapterISA8-bit4.77 MHztrueMC6845Pfalse
S3 Trio64V+PCI32-bit33 MHzfalse86C765false
Trident PM-V513VLB32-bit50 MHzfalseTrident TGUI9440AGifalse