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The VIDE-CDD.SYS driver is an IDE CD-ROM device driver from Acer. It is one of the smallest DOS CD-ROM drivers available.


Sets the driver name to use. Typical use is /D:MSCD001. Must match the /D option passed to MSCDEX.EXE.
Indicates the port and IRQ of the IDE interface. xxx is the I/O address in hex, and yy is the IRQ in decimal. The default values if none are specified are:
  • /P:1F0,14 (primary)
  • /P:170,15 (secondary)
  • /P:1E8,12 (tertiary)
  • /P:168,10 (quaternary)
Note that the IRQs for the tertiary and quaternary interfaces are not standardised, so they will need to be specified manually if they don't match the defaults listed here.


Handle up to eight drives across all four IDE interfaces:

DEVICE=VIDE-CDD.SYS /D:MSCD001 /P:1F0,14 /P:170,15 /P:1E8,12 /P:168,10


A successful install produces a message similar to the following:

IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM Device Driver  Version 2.11   17:30:39 06/07/96
 CD-ROM drive #0 found on 1E8h port master device, v3476


This driver also does not appear to detect drives if the second set of I/O addresses are incomplete. A notable example is the Creative Sound Blaster 32 PnP series of cards, which only makes port 376 available when set to the secondary IDE interface, whereas ports 376-377 should be accessible. In this case, the card needs to be set to tertiary or quaternary in order to work, and as this option uses a different IRQ to the defaults above, the /P option must be used.