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Device Infobox/Video
There is no image of this device — upload one!
Bus type Unknown
Bus width Unknown
Bus speed Unknown
8-bit ISA compatible? Unknown
PCI 5V tolerant? Unknown
PCI 3.3V tolerant?
Manufacturer Unknown
Chipset Unknown
Connectors Unknown
Requires -5VDC? Unknown
Requires -12VDC? Unknown
Config method Unknown
Video Output
Max memory Unknown
Max resolution Unknown
ROM type
Driver Missing download URL

This template is used to populate the Device Infobox with information about a video card, video capture card, or hardware encoder/decoder device (like an MPEG decoder.). See S3 Trio64V+ for example use. As this template sits inside an infobox, it can be combined with other templates in the case of multi-function devices.

Valid parameters and examples specific to this infobox are:

Parameter Meaning
Max memory = Value Maximum RAM capacity of the device when all slots are fully populated with the largest capacity chips supported. Provide a value with a suffix, such as 512 B (bytes), 256 kB, 2 MB, etc.
Max res X = Value Number of pixels in width of the maximum screen resolution, with the most amount of memory, in any available colour depth.
Max res Y = Value Number of pixels in height of the maximum screen resolution, with the most amount of memory, in any available colour depth.
ROM type = Value Text value for the type of ROM/EEPROM/Flash chip. One of:
  • None - no ROM chip is present
  • 28-pin JEDEC - standard byte-wide 28-pin ROM/PROM
  • 32-pin JEDEC - standard 32-pin EEPROM/flash chip
  • PLCC32 - 32-pin PLCC flash chip
  • TSOP40 - 40-pin TSOP package, usually flash memory

Add others to this list as needed - try to be as generic as possible, avoiding part names and using interface names instead.

Default values are shown if the parameter is omitted, so do not use any parameters unless the value is known (most of the defaults say "unknown").