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{{Device Infobox/Begin
{{Device Infobox/Begin
| IsInfoboxPage = Y
{{Infobox Item | Driver | {{#if:{{{Driver|}}}|{{{Driver}}}|''Missing download URL''}} }}
{{#if:{{{Manual|}}}| {{Device Infobox/Item | Manual | {{{Manual}}} }} }}
{{Device Infobox/Item | Driver | {{#if:{{{Driver|}}}|{{{Driver}}}|''Missing download URL''}} }}

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This is the end-of-table code for Template:Device Infobox/Begin.

Device Infobox/End
There is no image of this device — upload one!
Bus type Unknown
Bus width Unknown
Bus speed Unknown
8-bit ISA compatible? Unknown
PCI 5V tolerant? Unknown
PCI 3.3V tolerant?
Manufacturer Unknown
Chipset Unknown
Connectors Unknown
Requires -5VDC? Unknown
Requires -12VDC? Unknown
Config method Unknown
Driver Missing download URL