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The Telephone Answering Device connector is used for passing audio bidirectionally between a voice modem and a sound card. This allows voice calls to be made using a computer, with the audio coming out of the speakers connected to the sound card, and the sound card's microphone being used to pick up speech for the call.


Pin Purpose
1 Phone line. On a sound card, input from the modem. On a modem, audio output. Normally white, to match the left channel on a CD audio cable.
4 Microphone. On a sound card, output from the microphone. On a modem, audio input to send over the phone line. Normally red, to match the right channel on a CD audio cable.


Sound cards

The following sound cards have a TAD connector:

DeviceModelBus typeBus widthTADMB_PRO?
Creative Sound Blaster 16 (C16F)CT2940ISA16-bitDupont-4
Sound Blaster 16 (C16F) IDECT2940ISA16-bitDupont-4
Creative Sound Blaster 16 PreludeCT2960ISA16-bitDupont-4


The following modems have a TAD connector:

See also

  • CD audio connectors lists the various types of connectors used for TAD
  • The MB_PRO connector provides equivalent functionality to TAD