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The Telephone Answering Device connector is used for passing audio bidirectionally between a voice modem and a sound card. This allows voice calls to be made using a computer, with the audio coming out of the speakers connected to the sound card, and the sound card's microphone being used to pick up speech for the call.


Sound cards

The following sound cards have a TAD connector:

DeviceModelBus typeBus widthTADMB_PRO?
Creative Sound Blaster 16 (C16F)CT2940ISA16-bitDupont-4
Sound Blaster 16 (C16F) IDECT2940ISA16-bitDupont-4
Creative Sound Blaster 16 PreludeCT2960ISA16-bitDupont-4


The following modems have a TAD connector:

See also

  • CD audio connectors lists the various types of connectors used for TAD
  • The MB_PRO connector provides equivalent functionality to TAD