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S3 Graphics, Ltd is a graphics hardware manufacturer founded in January 1989. Their proprietary API's were S3D for DOS and MeTaL for Windows.

S3 Vision968

S3 Vision968

S3 Trio

S3 Trio64



The S3 ViRGE (or just ViRGE for short) is one of the most popular older PCI graphics cards, mostly because it just works. The ViRGE is basically a Trio with added 3D capabilities, but it's 3D capabilities were so poor, that it was (at the time it was new) called a 3D Decelerator. It comes with either 2MB or 4 MB and is mostly made for PCI slots. It offers great DOS compatibility and good compatibility within Windows. It's only problem is that for Windows, it's overshadowed by the Voodoo 3's.

S3 Trio 3D/2X

Abomination of an older ViRGE for low-end market.

S3 Trio 3D/2X

S3D accelerated games

  • Terminal Velocity (1995) through patch, probably the only accelerated version of the game