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This is the maximum number of tracks the head mechanism can access. Nominally drives are 40 or 80 tracks, however some drives can read beyond this, often up to 83 or in some rare cases 85 tracks. This can allow the drive to read copy protection or disk duplication information stored in these "hidden" tracks. This value should be set to 40 or 80 as appropriate, unless the drive has been tested (e.g. with a Kryoflux) and is known to read beyond the standard limit, in which case this higher limit should be recorded here.

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Mitsubishi MF357G +80  +, 6,848  +


Shugart SA800-2 +77  +


Teac FD-55A +40  +
Teac FD-55BR +40  +
Teac FD-55GFR +80  +