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Page name of the device type. Permitted values are:

  • Audio - audio device, sound card, etc.
  • Codec - a hardware encoder and/or decoder, such as an MPEG accelerator
  • CPU - primary processor in the system, or a removable/upgradable processor on an expansion card
  • Ethernet - network interface card (NIC)
  • Floppy controller - controller board for floppy drives
  • Floppy drive - individual floppy drive devices themselves
  • IDE controller - controller board for IDE hard drives, CD drives, etc.
  • IO - simple I/O device (serial/parallel/gameport)
  • Modem - dial-up modem
  • Motherboard - mainboard of any form factor
  • Optical drive - CD/DVD drive
  • SCSI controller - SCSI controller, as opposed to a SCSI device
  • ST-506 controller - RLL/MFM disk controller
  • Video output - CGA/EGA/VGA/etc. video card