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The MB_PRO connector is used to connect a Sound Blaster card to a Modem Blaster card. The signals can also be re-purposed for other uses.

The pin arrangement is as follows:

9 7 5 3 1
10 8 6 4 N/C

The purpose of the pins, from the point of view of the sound card, are:[1]

Pin Purpose
1 Audio GND
2 Key, no pin
3 Line-in
4 Audio GND
5 Line left TODO: Is this line out?
6 Audio GND
7 Line right (out?)
8 Modem speaker input
9 Audio GND
10 Microphone in Isn't this mic out for the modem?


  1. Creative Labs - Pin Assignment of I/O Jacks and Connectors on Sound Blaster Devices