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Essential threads! :D

Retro systems, their collectors and their stuff

What retro activity did you get up to today?

What game are you playing now?

Ebay auctions cheap/special not for me, but maybe for you? [READ RULES]

Humour Thread: Outrageously priced retro gear for sale online

Bought these (retro) hardware today

Bought these games today

post up pics of your "computing area"

Retro Rig Photo Thread

VOGONS Driver Library

VOGONS Wiki reference

"The international hardware museum of Vogons"

Kind of missing the point of building machines.

Who else here hoards "insane" amounts of hardware?

Retro Hardware Collections

How do you store your computer parts?

How do you organise / sort / store all your retro gear?

How do we store our (hardware) collection?

This is a bad idea right? (How to clean dirty computer components)

How many computers do you own?

How many computers could you possibly build?

Minor (or major) injuries from gaming or building/using computer...?

Great collectors of Vogons! What's missing in your collections? :P

Duplicate Hardware in Your Collection

Things you regret giving or throwing away?

Good reading for people new to retro computing

Spelling and grammar pet peeves around here

Disporpotions between different countries when it comes to old hardware

Reasons to punch eBay sellers in the face

Question: Why do you think retro computing is important?

Old computers for daily tasks?

Trustworthy buyer?

Vintage hardware lovers - do you really love vintage hardware or simply pragmatism?

How many of you guys still use CRT monitors on all your retro computers (and maybe your modern ones too)

You Know You're a Hopeless Retro Geek When...

What do you drive? (about cars, mostly)

Let's get to know eachother a little better :)

Tell your story. What made you sign up to Vogons?

What machines did you use in High School?

List the CPUs you owned when they were new

POLL: What is your favorite x86 vintage processor?

Spam, spam, spam (Report spammers here!)

VOGONS is no marketplace! (locked topic)


Best version of Windows 95?

Useful Programs, Patches, and Drivers For Windows 95, 98, 2000, Etc.

List of Web Browsers For All Operating Systems

Windows 95 setup guide (late 2013)

Vintage Hardware Wallpapers

What is the memory "sweet spot" for a Pentium III Windows 98 SE retro-gaming system?

Your favorite retro apps? (apps? programs!)

Any interest in a MS Windows Security Update CD?

Any good Windows 3.1 games?

Best version of Windows 95?

Was there ever a non-upgrade non-OEM Win95 retail CD?

Windows NT 4.0 on Pentium 133

>512MB with Windows 98...

Win98SE or WinXP for Tualatin 1.4S+i815?

Windows ME

Is Windows 2000 good for anything?

Windows Server? (Windows 2003)

windows xp box

XP-era games that have trouble running on Win7/8


Test:486 undocumented jumper settings

Core2 / AMD Phenom board legacy support (floppy, serial, parallel, etc.)

286 motherboard

slot or socket

Which Slot 1 CPU retention bracket?


Graphics card for VIA C3 1200 build

Cyrix III (i.e. VIA C3) for vintage gaming?

S370 Board for Nehemiah Core ?

SetMul - Multiplier control for VIA C3 / AMD K6 Mobile / Cyrix 5x86


These all in theory fit the same socket

Intel heatsink pushpins are ANNOYING! (mostly LGA775 etc)

Super Socket 7 cooling

Power Supply Units (or PSU)

A tale of two PSUs

Advice on new parts for old system.

Graphics cards

3D Accelerated Games List (Proprietary APIs - No 3DFX/Direct3D)

3dfx Archives - The Collection & Discussions Thread

Voodoo 2 DOS Glide compatibility matrix

3dfx filter shader!

S3 Trio3D/2x - is this just a rebadged ViRGE or more?

Modern graphics on a 486

Surviving the late 90's without 3Dfx

AGP Speed

Collectible video cards

3dfx Oral History Panel [ 2013 ]

Sound cards

The New Creative Labs Sound Blaster Drivers Collection. (Updated 6th Jan. 2014)

ISA or PCI sound card?

PCI sound whats out there?

Media (HDD, Optiocal, Magnetic, etc)

the end of optical media

Single floppy mainboard workaround

Other hardware

what are your favourite ps/2 mice?

Post pictures of all your (strange) memory modules here for all to see :)

PS/2 to Microsoft Serialmouse Adapter Converter

Any Inexpensive USB Flightstick Recommendations?

Games!! What is Vogons without talk about games? :D

List the PC games that you have beaten

List of Free Games

PC Game Compatibility List

Game Acronyms List (TA is missing :( )

I need a list of good PC multiplayer games that do not require the internets

DosBox FAQ

Scariest Level Ever?

I need a list of good PC multiplayer games that do not require the internets

Any Unreal Tournament gamers here?

Cinematic Platformers (Prince of Persia, Another World style games) list

Most disappointing games?

Preserving Old Discs


DOSBox 0.74 CPU Benchmark

The All-amazing super-de-douper SuperPi thread!

Post your retro computer superpi results here! (older SuperPi thread)

My 3DMark01 Mega Thread

3DBENCH CPU Benchmark Database

Great PC! But can it run Crysis?