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The so-called hanging note bug is a bug present on certain models of the Creative Sound Blaster series. Affected are models with DSP revisions 4.11, 4.12 and 4.13. It can only occur when the card is utilized simultaneously for sound effects and wavetable MIDI music either with external modules or Wave Blaster daughterboards.



How to find out if a card is affected

  • Start Hexen with hexen -warp 02. You will notice hanging notes almost immediately.
  • ...?

Sound card model numbers


  • CT1740 (DSP 4.12)
  • CT1750
  • CT1770
  • CT2230
  • CT2260
  • CT2760
  • CT2800
  • CT2860
  • CT2910
  • CT2940
  • CT2950
  • CT2980
  • CT3600
  • CT3900
  • CT3980
  • CT3990


  • CT1730
  • CT1740 (except DSP 4.12)
  • All AWE64 cards (DSP 4.16)

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